Some useful tips and links to check the veracity of an information.

On social networks, there are Internet users of all conditions and ages, it is not always easy for everyone to distinguish between True and False.

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we will be happy to help you, but you will have to be patient given the large number of requests.

Here are some basic tools that are simple to use:


1 – Google : by going to the search engine, you just have to paste part of the title of the information you want to share, and you will have a lot of information on the subject including the oldest publication date that already tells you a lot.

2 – Google/images,

3 – TinEye, is the same principle as Google/images, but more efficient which gives you the information in order of publication date.

4 – Yandex, which is a very good complement to TinEye, the search principle being the same (but without any order of publication date).

5 – Sites like ours that you can find at the bottom of each of our pages on the website

6 – Many media now have their fact checking section, including our partner « FRANCE24/info intox » that you can contact in a private message on their Facebook page.

We hope that this short video will be useful to you, and don’t hesitate to share it, the more it will be, the more you will help other Internet users to check their information before sharing it on a social network…


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